Absolute Pitch Introductory lesson

Listening-ear-trainer's introductory lesson will show you what absolute pitch is: The ability to differentiate frequencies. It will also demonstrate you that you are capable of hearing absolute pitches.

"The Singing Funnel Method" and "The Octave Anchor Pitches Method".

Relative Pitch Introductory lesson

This lesson introduces you to "What intervals are" and "How to name intervals".

"The Interval Overtone Method" and gives you tips "How to remember Intervals".

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Software voice analysis

Let the computer analyze your voice, and get visual feedback on pitch, beat and loudness


Your computer must have an adequate microphone.

Scientific Approach

The scientific approach lets you assess your current standing - observe progress over time.

Choose Macintosh or Windows version

Choose Macintosh or Windows version.


Listening Ear Trainer helps you to improve your listening skills.

The goal is to acquire Absolute Pitch. But wait, it isn't easy! However, in our Singing Funnel Method, you get feedback how near you are to that goal. That is our software tells you to which precision you can remember sounds. To evaluate your sound-memory, you have to hum or sing the notes.

Since Singing is an active exercise you get a handle that you can control and train. In the beginning your brain may remember only vaguely how to place your vocal cord-muscles to match a particular pitch. So in the beginning you may be more than two whole tones off and we still will give you credit for that.

However, with each exercise we add additional notes and we also narrow the acceptable tolerance.

Since we track your progress you can see, how far away you are from remembering a pitch to a precision of 50 cents. 50 cents is the precision required to which you must be able to differentiate pitches to assign a pitch to the correct note name.

That is you learn to better differentiate sounds by their pitches. And thus you learn to recognize musical notes by name.

Now we do not promise you that you will reach Absolute Pitch. You may give up at a certain point, since it needs too much discipline and time We understand that time is the most precious thing we have. And Absolute Pitch is not really necessary to be a good musician: Relative Pitch is far more useful to understand music. So, the first 24 lessons that guide you to a precision of 75 cents are free. In this way you see, how the Singing Funnel method works, and if you are willing to invest some more time to reach the necessary level of 50 cents.

Many of you will give up. However, we have a plea, even if you give up very early (minimum of five training days), please export the time-line statistics and send them to us. This helps us to make a statistic, which supports the idea that Absolute Pitch in most cases is not desirable for the necessary effort needed to gain it. Compare this to learning a foreign language: it takes many years to master a foreign language. But many of you do it anyway. However, to reach Absolute Pitch many will give up after a few weeks: the motivation and necessity to acquire Absolute Pitch is not given.

Thank you for supporting us. We keep your personal information confidential and will only use the data for statistical purposes.

Download (Mac/Windows)the trial version and see for yourself.

The software consists of

Absolute Pitch training
Relative Pitch Training

Our methods

The Singing Funnel Method *click on image to zoom

Top down approach: Rewarding you in the beginning by allowing a large tolerance, and then refines your pitch precision.

The Octave Anchor Pitches Method *click on image to zoom

Anchor Pitches approach: Starts with only 5 notes an octave apart, so you can easily figure out to which anchor the note belongs.

The Interval Overtone Method *click on image to zoom

Absolute Interval Characteristics: Learn to recognize intervals by approaching them with the overtone series.

Singing Funnel Exercise *click on image to zoom

Learning Box approach: Move the notes by singing them within the tolerance to the left bin.

Octave Anchor Pitch Exercise *click on image to zoom

Learning Box approach: Recognize the note by listening and push the note a level higher.

Interval Overtone Exercise *click on image to zoom

Learning Box approach: Recognize the interval and push the interval a level higher.

Absolute Pitch Instructions to our methods

This video illustrates the use of "The Singing Funnel Method" and "The Octave Anchor Pitches Method

" How to use The Singing Funnel Method" and "The Octave Anchor Pitches Method".

Relative Pitch ­ Instructions to our Method

This video illustrates the use of our method "The Interval Overtone Method".

"How to use The Interval Overtone Method".

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Absolute Pitch Study

For the next three years we are collecting data about "Absolute Pitch". We highly appreciate any feedback,
please visit our page: AP-Study.

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