Absolute Pitch Research Study statistics

Last Update of Statistics: March 12, 2015

Total Number of Participants: 4

This is the total number of people that have submitted their statistics. A user can submit a statistics with the following four Report Types:

Interim report (submissions with less than 100 training days)

Number of Participants that reached any level: 3 (out of 3 Total Participants)

Participants that fulfill the criteria of a higher level (e. g. pass the 120 cents tolerance) are automatically also counted has having fulfilled the lower levels (that is if a participant fulfills the criteria for 120 cents then he also fulfills the criteria for 220 and 480 cents). This is done this way, because it is boring for persons that can start with 75 cents to do the exercises for larger tolerances.

Finished report (100 training days)

No of Participants who submitted a Final report: 0

Mean training days completed: 100 days

Number of Persons that reached any level: 0

Giving Up report

  • No of Participants who submitted a Giving Up report: 0
  • Mean training days completed: 0 days
Reason for giving up:
  • No Progress observed: 0
  • Singing/Humming problems (range, muscle mechanics): 0
  • Stuck at a level (level seems unachievable, must always return to this level): 0
  • Necessary effort seems to be to high for gaining AP: 0
  • Not enough time available / other priorities: 0
  • Other (if possible explain in mail): 0

Additional Days report (submissions after 100 days)

This report is not further evaluated yet.

Graphical Display of means for all participants

Graph: successful (green) vs. missed (red) attempts for each training day (first training day is day one on the bottom; going up to training day no 100 on top) and exercise (from left to right increasing difficulty: 2 notes at a precision of 480 cents to 18 notes at a precision of 7 cents)

If you have any questions or would like to make any comments to our methods or to this page, please send us an email or use our Blog: PitchFeedback

Remark: three users that have sent in a six day statistic and one user who has sent in a statistic file that has more than 6 days of statistics does not make a meaningful statistic. We would appreciate much more feedback. We are sure you can do better. And no,until now, we did not get any feedback from users that have given up. You must at least use the software for six days until you can send in report.


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